Ian Harding

lucyhale: Happy birthday to one of the kindest, funniest souls I have the pleasure of knowing. Ian, you are such a breath of fresh air and I love the hell out of you! Thanks for being an amazing costar, supporter and friend. Enjoy your day duuuude. @ianmharding

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Recreating oscar selfie with #pll cast at the Dolby theater. In the same place as @theellenshow -the spirit of social media :) love to the fans

Ezra Fitz being a badass

"I want someone who has her own passions,who’s funny,open-minded and very much an individual"-Ian Harding Us Weekly Collector’s Edition.

I watch for the plot

→ ‘’Pretty Little Liars’ Edition

“Shay’s a badass. Troian does karate. Ashley would, like, turn into a wolf and eat me. and Lucy’s just vicious. she probably has a switchblade.”

Ian Harding talks about his favorite moment (x)