posted 2 years ago

I love how Sten is so adorable and talkative.

  • Hawke: I have one question.
  • Sten: Naturally.
  • Hawke: Why you come to Ferelden?
  • Sten: To answer one question.

“O coração dos homens albergam sombras mais negras que qualquer criatura da escuridão.” — Flemeth

posted 2 years ago

  • Flemeth: At least I'll have some peace around here.
  • Morrigan: They say that the peace in the tomb is eternal.

  • Alistair: You can cook?
  • Morrigan: Well..Yes .. I know.
  • Morrigan: I also know 15 different poisons growing in pântano.E not mean to imply that this has something to do with the kitchen ..