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Dragon Age Origins Love Interests Propositioning the Warden

i love how morrigan and alistair and leli are trying to be subtle or sweet and zev is just



posted 2 years ago

  • Alistair: The question is this: to be near you drive me crazy, but I cannot conceive the idea of being without you. never
  • Me: Marry me now.

  • Zevran: Might I offer you a bit of advice, my good friend Alistair?
  • Alistair: I like my hair the way it is, thank you.
  • Zevran: Truly? As you wish… though my advice is regarding something else completely. It has to do with your recent… exertions with your fellow Grey Warden that I overheard.
  • Alistair: My…? Oh.
  • Zevran: It did seem as if you just got going when all grew quiet. You are… feeling all right, yes? Perhaps you are tired?
  • Alistair: We aren’t talking about this, are we? Did I hit my head?
  • Zevran: I have some roots from home that you may chew if you need energy. As for volume, perhaps you ought to try arching your—
  • Alistair: Whoa! Whoa! Awkward!
  • Zevran: You Fereldans are so finicky. How will you ever learn how to pleasure each other unless you talk about it?
  • Alistair: Not listening! La la la la la!

  • Alistair: They say that here we can achieve everything. Once i got stolen.

Alistair’s rose